Parental Engagement

At Westwood, we have a long and successful history of providing support for our families and we are collating an exciting range of  training and  pupil/parent experiences just for you.  We know when supporting your child,  we are better together!

We are asking you what type support or training you would appreciate to help with your child's learning journey at Westwood. How can you contribute and  collaborate with us to support your child’s learning journey? Develop new skills? Have your say! We would like to hear your ideas to help build our new parent and pupil programmes! Please answer using the link below - Thank you.

Team Westwood :)


So far we have had our fabulous parents join us on site for Junior maths, Foundation phase outdoor learning and Year 1 parents for 'Come and Cook.' Many parents have been involved in EPEC with Mrs Thomas, which helps parents with their children and offers support for routines and behaviours. We alway sign post new opportunities in our monthly 'Westwood Buckley Bugle' so always check this out too! We will be looking to offer more courses during school time and after school too –  just let us know what you need and we will do the rest!! We will always sign post you to online opportunities too! Keep an eye on those emails- don't miss out!

Look out for these opportunities for parents and family members onsite for the Summer Term

* Wellies in the Woods— Year 1 & 2

* Come & Cook—Reception



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Mrs Sarah Jones, Headteacher