Please find below a list of frequently asked questions and answers. 

1. My child is reluctant to complete the tasks set by his/her class teacher.

This is a time of uncertainty for all children, their routine has changed unexpectedly and without time to properly prepare them for it.  Please be patient with your child/children, perhaps allow them to enjoy the Easter break that has been brought forward for all learners and in a couple of weeks he/she may be ready and more settled for learning.  The best learning takes place when children are happy, content and relaxed - some children need to be given the time to adapt, please continue to reassure them and help them to understand that learning at home can be fun and enjoyable. Children enjoy using their pupil voice, maybe they could set out their own timetable for learning, remembering to schedule in a sensible bed time that will enable them to wake fresh after a good nights sleep. 

For more information and tips go to: https://www.theguardian.com/education/2020/mar/23/let-your-kids-get-bored-emergency-advice-from-teachers-on-schooling-at-home


2. I would like to do work with my child, in addition to the tasks set by the class teacher. Can I use the work book that was sent home to do this work in?


3. Is school open?

Our school building is no longer open.  However,  should you contact school via email  you will receive a reply. Please be aware that during the current crisis, there is a lot of communication being exchanged via our emailing system, therefore please be patient in waiting for a response. We are providing vital care at the hub school for children of Key Workers only; these workers have been identified and formal offers made for their children. We will continue to monitor and follow the guidance and requirements of Welsh government. 

4. When will normal schooling resume?

School will not resume in the foreseeable future. When this situation changes parents/guardians will be notified accordingly.

5.  My internet is slow or not working.

Unfortunately, school is not able to help with slow internet or systems that are not working. Currently all internet systems are under a lot of pressure due to the increased volume of use during school closures.  Should you continue to have issues we  recommend that you contact your internet provider.

6. My child's password is not recognised on the recommended learning platforms

First, ensure you are using the correct password for the platform being used. Children have different passwords for Hwb, Study Ladder and MyMaths. Once you have confirmed the correct set of information is being used check the Username and Password are being used in the correct order. Next, ensure lower case letters and upper case letters are being used accurately. Should you continue to have issues please contact school using the main school email address. Your query will be forwarded to the relevant teacher via internal email and you will be contacted accordingly.

7. Should I help my child with the work that has been set?

Younger children are likely to need assistance to read their work. Older children may need assistance reading through tasks and support should be given when required.

8.  How much work should my child do in a day?

Every child will be different. This is dependent upon the type of task, the nature of your child and the level of challenge. What is important is that your child is encouraged and recognises  that  parents/guardians  at home are are showing an interest and encouraging learning. Please see the Corona -19 Wellbeing Resources tab that can be found at the top of the home page for further useful advice and ideas. 

9. Does home learning need to start straight away?

Kirsty Williams, the Minister for Education, announced that the Easter Holidays in Wales have been brought forward for all learners.  If you do not wish to start home learning with your child until the end of the first two week period that is acceptable.

10. Can I do any spellings with my child as I have found good resources on different websites?

Class teachers have outlined expectations for the spellings that need to be covered on class pages and learning grids,  and the Curriculum Visions workbooks are available online.  Please follow the outlined scheme shown in Curriculum Visions to understand which spelling patterns are being covered, however should you wish to supplement the work with other resources this would be most beneficial.


11. I can't find my child's homework grid or passwords.

Children were given their homework grids to stick into the front of the book sent home for home learning. Also, passwords were given to the children and they were stuck into the front inside cover of the books.

The homework grid is also available on the class homepage on school spider, our school website.

Any children who were absent from school had their log in details and homework grids stuck into their books and efforts were made to drop them to the homes of all those children. 

We are aware that some parents have had a change of address, it is possible that if you have moved address and not notified school that your child's book has been delivered to the previous address.  If you have any issues in relation to this please do contact school.

12.  I have more than one child at Westwood.  If there is an activity on a class grid, can children from another class complete it?

Yes, of course.   Please give support if it is needed to complete the task.

13. I am having difficulty logging on to Curriculum Visions.

Perhaps copy and paste the login details into the boxes, rather than typing them in. It is possible that you are missing the full stop, putting in a space where one isn't required or maybe putting in an unnecessary capital letter without realising; speaking from experience, these sort of things can be tricky sometimes.  To check the log in is working OK we have copied and pasted them in on the log in page, rather than typing them in,  and it worked a treat.

Login:        westwood.school/0001

Password:          jungle

After you press the enter key to register the login and password details you will be taken to  another screen;  the screen shows the details I have pasted below. School have paid for the subscription so just click on 'Go to home screen and continue'


screen (and first time registration including free)
Welcome Westwood C P School
Subscription: Platinum (you must pay for this subscription)
Expiration Date: 2020-10-03
My Account  / Go to The Home Screen and continue / Logout

14.  How much time should my child spend each day learning at home?

As a school we are mindful that each family circumstance is different.  Children and young people have very different home lives and very different levels of parental support. It is not feasible to carry on as before, during this crisis. Our main focus, certainly in the short-term, has been to ensure that children are safe and supported, therefore we have put in place processes and resources to support children’s learning at home. We are sure you will understand that it is not possible to replicate a usual school experience at home, nor is it feasible for us to continue to provide a ‘normal’ school education during this time. We only ask that parents and pupils aim to spend the length of time learning at home that is comfortable for their personal circumstances. For more advice and tips please see the Covid-19 useful resources tab at the top of the home page.

15. Do I need to send evidence of what my child is doing in his/her book to the class teacher?

No, there is no requirement for evidence of work in books to be submitted at this time.

16. In KS2, will my child's work be marked?

Teachers are not expected to be marking work done during this time.

The online interactive activities set by teachers develop pupils’ confidence and fluency  through  lessons and 'self-marking'  tasks. As children work through these tasks, they will be aware of the progress they are making.

Teachers are currently actively supporting children's learning at home and are attending schools to care for the children of Key Workers during this crisis.  Regular messages will go out from class teachers to encourage children whilst they are home learning. 

17.  Will my child's progress be monitored?

 An online Assessment Manager in MyMaths and StudyLadder helps teachers to see, at a glance, all activities completed by pupils, allowing teachers to track pupil participation and progress. This will inform further planning in the longer term.

18. My child will soon need a new workbook to record work in (29.04.20).

Over the next 7 days, information will go out to parents via email, our school website and Twitter, advising of the procedure if current work books are fully used. (The dates on this point have been revised due to the WG announcement relating to digital devices - please bear with us while arrangements are made).

19. I need ideas and activities for my child  that do not always need them to access the internet.

Click on external links and additional resources on our home page,  or check out the  Covid -19 wellbeing tab for a range of activities, some of which do not require internet access for children.

20. My child is only allowed to complete a certain number of activities on Study Ladder each day and wants to do more.

Children are not expected or required to complete an unlimited number of activities each day on Study Ladder.  There are a variety of platforms available, for which we have provided all passwords and logins for individual pupils. Using the range of platforms will ensure your child is getting a variety of activities to help their learning to be broad and balanced.  The Study Ladder platform we have set up is designed not to provide unlimited tasks for pupils. In KS2, interactive platforms include Study Ladder, MyMaths, SeeSaw, Curriculum Visions and TT Rockstars for additional timestables practise. Please also remember that the learning grids, and our website home page, include suggested activities that do not require children to go online. We appreciate your support and thank you for encouraging your child/children to combine their learning. We know that all our parents, guardians and pupils are doing an amazing job and that the children are being given all the time and support that you can offer. Remember, we are here if you need us.






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